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I'm a Boy ,I am 16 years old, i love club penguin, I am a very fun and and a very happy person to be with, quiet talkative lol, im in year 10, love to meet new people, i hate homework, and i am a very energetic and a hyper person :D :D
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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Should I Begin Blogging Once Again?

Hello Everyone,

I hope this post reaches out to everyone that may bounce back to this blog that i used to run a few years ago!

Do you guys think I should begin blogging again?

If so could you please comment below or even use the Hashtag on twitter #ComeBackSaavy

Hoping to hear some responses soon :)

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

I've Not Forgotten Anyone!

Hey everyone!

I know it's been a while and I hope everyone is keeping well!

I'll be back so watch out!

Saturday, 20 November 2010

New Club Penguin Save Your Penguin Password Update!

Hey Guys! When I Was Trying To Log Onto Club Penguin, I Noticed That My Penguins Weren't Saved, So I Then Typed Up Their Passwords And When I Clicked On Save Password I Noticed Something NEW! Take A Look At This:

If You Can Not See The Image Above, It Says:

Do Other People Use This Computer?
Yes                  No

Then When You Click On Either Yes Or No, Another Screen Will Pop Up And It Will Look Like This:

And Then They Just Give You The Choice To Save Your Password Or Not To Save Your Password, You Can Also Click On The Learn More And They Will Give You More Safety Information! Isn't That Coolio?!? ;-)

Also, When You CLICK On The Learn More Button, Then You Will Automatically Be Taken To A WHOLE NEW Page! Take A Look!:

Aint That Just AWESOME! Have You Also Read The "On-Site Moderators"  About Online Moderators Spying On Us? :O  Kinda Freaky Dont You Think? Drop Me A Comment And Tell Me What You Think About This! :D

NOTE: If You Have Liked This Post And Would Like To Make A Post About This Update, Then PLEASE Give Me Credit, Because This Has NOT Been Posted Anywhere Else But On Club Penguin Saavy So Please Be Fair And Leave A Link To My Website On Your Post If You Have Made One About This Update. Thanks A Lot Guys! ;-)

Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Fair New Log In Screen Is Here! :O

CARD JITSU CODE: TAKE A LOOK AT THIS http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=32zt7jc&s=7 Sorry Guys, Ill Get A Working Code Off Rev.... Sorry =(
Hey Everyone! The Fall Fair Should Be Starting VERY Soon And As I Was Looking Around CP I noticed That There's A New Log In Page! Take A Look! :D

Oh La La! Im Loving The New Log In Screen! Its Giving Me The Heebie Jeebies! LOL!  More Fall Fair Updates Coming Soon! It Should Be Here By Any Time By Now! =D

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The Club Penguin Times Issue #255! - The Fair!

Hey Everyone! Club Penguins Finally Released Their New News Paper Issue Which Is Really Exciting And Its Making Me Jump Because  Its All The News About The Fall Fair! =D You Can Take A Look At The News Paper Only At CPSaavy! =D Here It Is: 


If You Can Not Read Or See The News Paper Above, Then You Can Click Here Too Read The News Paper :)

WOAH! Im So Excited! What About You?!?!

As Said By Rockhopper, He Said That He Is Going To Bring "Magic Hats" To Help Us Make Things Disappear, Hmmmm! So We Already Know That The New Item By Rockhopper Is A Magic Hat! WOOT! But Making Stuff Disappear? It Might Be A New Fair Game... What Do You Think? =)

AND! The Fair  Will Be Starting Tomorrow From The 3rd Of September Till The 11th Of September 2010! So Start Collecting And Getting Those Tickets Before The 11th! :D

Note: When The Fair Starts Tomorrow On Club Penguin, Be Sure To Use Up All Your Tickets Because When You Log Out, All Your Tickets Will Be Gone! So Take Mr Saavehs Note On This :)

Also: There Will Be Once Again The "Magical Puffle Circus!
 But Its For MEMBERS Only.... Its Just Watching Puffles Doing Odd Tricks Lol XP And Finally There's Going To Be NEW Stamps For Everyone! Woot! Im Not So Sure On The Everyone Part But There Will Be News Stamps! =)

Thats All For Now! The Fall Fair Updates Will Come Here First! By Obviously Me Saavy ;)

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Monday, 30 August 2010

New Mission Field Opp Is Out! =D

Hey Everyone! The New Field Opp Is Finally Out Today And Im Ready To Post! =D. Ok Firstly Click On Your Spy Phone And It Will Tell You That There's A New Mission Available For you To Do, Then Click you Click On Ok, it Will Take You To The EPF Secret Room, Then Click On The Screen That Says Missions/Field Opp. After You Do That This Screen Will Show Up Which Is What You Have To Do:

After You Finish Reading The Mission, It Says You Have To Go Find A Speaker That Has Been Rigged Or Damaged, And Then It Says That You Have To Shut It Down.  Now To Find This Speaker, Click On Your Map, Then Click On The Beach, Then Go Into The Light House And Click On The Speaker Which Is On The Bottom Left Side Of Your Screen. Here's An Image To Make Things Easier For You:

After You Click On This Speaker, Your EPF Phone Will Start To Ring, When It Does, You Should Click On It And Do The Mini Game Again, After You Complete It, You Will Get A Free Cookie! Lol Just Kidding You Get A Medal =D

Thats All For Now Everyone, Check Back Later For A CJF Code! :O :O =D

Thursday, 5 August 2010

The Club Penguin Paper Issue #251 =D

Hey everyone, the news paper came out today and i hope you all read it because there is a lot of information about the mountain expedition that's coming to club penguin soon! check it out! =D :

Thats All For Now Everyone, Ill Be Making Longer Posts When Im More Free Lol. So What Do you All Think About The Whole Mountain Thing? Will It Be The Start Of Card Jitsu Water Or Snow? Or Is It Just Another Festival Of Flight? Please Do Tell Me What You Think By Leaving Me A Comment ;)

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